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Indoor Summer Activities to Stay Fresh

Indoor Summer Activities to Stay Fresh: Apartment-Friendly Edition

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As much as we all love it, summer can be uncomfortable if heat precautions are not taken. Don't lose out on the season, pondering on what to do to cool down. With some simple and quick summer apartment trends, you'll be able to make the most of your summer in your Pines at Ponderosa apartment.

Staying Cool Indoors

Staying indoors during the summer can be unbearable. The heat can make simple apartment living a living nightmare. With a few simple methods, you make your apartment cool enough to enjoy yourself. Here are a few ways you can keep temperatures cool within your apartment-

Close Your Blinds

It is easier for your apartment to heat up with open blinds. This is because open blinds allow the sun's hot rays to penetrate your home.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Change all your light bulbs to fluorescent ones that produce less heat than the incandescent type. This will make a difference to the temperature of your apartment.

Open Windows at Night

The best time to open windows during the summer is at night when it's cooler. This will allow you to let the hot daytime air out of your apartment.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Stay Refreshed

We all know the effects of cooling methods such as air-conditioners. They are not eco-friendly and add to climate change. There are many other summer eco-friendly tips to help you cool down during the summer. These include-

  • Wearing cooling materials
  • Drinking cold beverages
  • Eating spicy foods
  • Running cold water over your wrists
  • Using a fan

These simple methods keep you cool and don't harm the environment.

Beating the Summer Heat in Fernley, Nevada

It's important to go out and get some fresh air during the summer. It's one of the best seasons to be outdoors. There are so many parks to visit in Fernley, NV, such as the Fernely Out Of Town Park. So, make the most of this summer.

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